Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Ven Pongal

An end to end South Indian Delight!!!!

Stock these:  Raw Rice - 1cup, Moong Dal - 1/2 cup, Salt - to taste, Oil - 2 tbsp


Soak the rice and dal for minimum 20 minutes. Join them together and add 3 cups water.
Add the oil as well. Allow to cook until they are coarsely smashed.

Flavor with these : Curry Leaves - 5-6, Green Chilli - 3 ( slit), Pepper Corns - 6
                               Cashews - 7, Cumin Seeds - 1tsp, Ginger - a small portion
                               Mustard - 1 tsp

Season the above in 6 tbsp ghee.
Toss them into the cooked rice mixture.
Gently fold them in.

Serve hot with Sambar or Coconut Chutney.
Please do not miss to add the Vadas as well to enjoy this yummy Ven Pongal

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